Welcome to The Philadelphia School of Languages


The Philadelphia School of Languages has as its first goal to help students in acquiring new languages taking into account the particular needs of each student.


We offer flexible programs for adults and children.


Travel, job advancement and personal interest are just a few of the many Reasons for learning a new language or enhancing your business communication skills. Whatever your goals, The Philadelphia School of Languages can help you meet them at your convenience.


The Philadelphia School of Languages offers a range of educational programs in different languages, with certified teachers with experience and of native language. Our teachers are dedicated and work for student success.


Students can choose group classes or individual classes. Our purpose is that the student feels comfortable and motivated in learning a new language and to meet the goals to which it proposes.


Our teaching is based on four skills:

Reading (comprehension skill)

Listening (comprehension skill),

Speaking (production skill) and

Writing (production skill).


Our teachers provide learners with opportunities to develop each skill: students listen (to the teacher use the target language, to the song, to one another in a pair activity), speak (Pronunciation practice, greetings, dialogue creation or recitation, songs, oral speed reading, role play), read (instructions, written grammar drills, flashcards) and write (sentences that describe the feeling, sight or experience, the dialogue script, the journal entry).


In our global society, the acquisition of linguistic and cultural competency provides the necessary ability to function independently, appropriately, and fluently outside of one's native culture.   Part of The Philadelphia School of Languages broad mission falls in line with this necessity by maintaining and encouraging programs which link the center's and its resources to its local, national, and international communities. Likewise, the mission of PSL is to enrich, enhance, and transform foreign language and cultural learning.




The Philadelphia School of Languages

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